Strange Eons 3 
Picture of a prototype card design and the final product

A design tool for tabletop gaming

Strange Eons is a free tool for creating paper game components. Make homebrew additions to your favourite games, or create your own game from scratch!


Loved by users, Strange Eons is packed with powerful features. Here are just a few:

Built with game design in mind

Focus on creating great content: you choose the images and stats; Strange Eons does the layout and typesetting.

Just got hit by inspiration? Try it out safely by Spinning Off a copy. Stuck? Design supports help break creative blocks and encourage taking new approaches.


With support for automation and project-based design, you can create anything from a single card to a complete game spanning hundreds of components.

To keep new users from feeling overwhelmed by complexity, Strange Eons lets you grow into advanced features as you gain experience.


Strange Eons 3 is rebuilt from the ground up to support plug-in developers. Add support for new games, tools, commands, and much more.

Everything you need is built in, including a development environment and debugger. Visit the Help page for tips to get you started.

Download Strange Eons